5 Biggest Stadium In The Entire World

What do you think when you watch a sport in the stadium? The cheering of the supporters are always making your tension up, aren’t they? Furthermore, if it’s in the big stadium. That’s right. The bigger stadium will attract bigger attention. When there is an important event be it a sports match or concert or another event, it will be better to do it in a big stadium. And so, in the world more than a half biggest stadium lies in America. But interestingly, the biggest stadium in the entire world lies not in there. Then where may it be? You will know it eventually if you look at the 5 biggest stadium in the entire world.

1. Rungrado 1 st of May Stadium

The biggest stadium in the entire world doesn’t lie in America, instead, it lies in North Korea. With a capacity of 150.000 people, it sits on the top. This stadium built-in 1989 with the mayflower shape as a symbol of national power. 

This stadium holds many events such as football, athletic, shows, and parades. And the most notable event that held in this Rungrado 1 st of May Stadium is the annual Arirang Mass Games.

2. Michigan Stadium

How does it feel to watch a football match with more than 110.000 people? It should be thrilling, right? And you can find such thrill within Michigan Stadium. It is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is also home to NCCA College football Michigan Wolverines. 

There is an interesting fact about Michigan stadium. People around there call it “The Big House” for it can hold over 110.000 people. And what’s more, since 1975 this stadium hosted its full capacity at home matches. 

3. Beaver Stadium

As you know, more than half the biggest stadium exists in the USA. One of them is Beaver Stadium. And it is also one of the biggest stadium in the entire world. People in the Penn State Nittany Lions where Beaver Stadium lies say that it is one of the most intimidating stadia. For the opposing team, this stadium is truly a nightmare. How is it not? Despite Pennsylvania’s little population that is 42.000, every match in Beaver stadium always has attendance for 100.000 people. It is almost full as the capacity of this stadium is106.572 people.

4. Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium is known as the Horseshoe or the Shoe. The location of this stadium is in Columbus, Ohio. Usually, it serves as the home to Ohio State Buckeyes Football. But, each May university’s spring commencement ceremonies will be held in here.

Many events are held in this stadium besides football matches. In the past, this stadium held Major League Soccer games. Beside it, this stadium also holds concerts from time to time. Another event is the match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain in the International Champions Cup. And for your information, the capacity of this stadium is m104.944 people.

5. Kyle Field

Kyle Field is home to Texas A&M football. People say that this stadium has an intimidating aura to the opponent. It can’t be helped as this stadium’s full capacity is 102.732 people. Just imagine how it feels to have a match with so many people support the opponent. What’s more, although its capacity is more than 100.00 people, the population around the area is lower than that. What an interesting fact, right?

Although it sounds hard, visiting the biggest stadium in the entire world may be a promising dream. Being able to experience an atmosphere amidst so many people is exhilarating. And it sounds fun to visit that stadium.