Beach Camping In Florida, A Must-Try Activity To Refresh And Recharge

Beach Camping In Florida

If you claim yourself as a beach lover, then beach camping in Florida is a must-try. Florida possesses hundreds of campsites. Florida’s coastline is an incredible place to have a beachfront camp. So, if you want an awesome experience of beach camping, then here is the list of camping destination in Florida:

Beach Camping In Florida

1. Curry Hammock State Park

Since winter is the peak time, the water is clear and shallow on the beach. Meanwhile, Curry Hammock State Park is a cool place to camp. Thus, this park makes it as a perfect place for beach camping in Florida. Campers can do many activities while camping such as, sunbathing, kayak, and build a sandcastle. Moreover, this place is located only 100 feet from the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Long Key State Park

Winter is the favorite season to camp because of the humidity level is low and nearly no bugs. Long Key State Park has open ocean swell and coral reefs block. Besides, it has a narrow beach and island as well as beautiful clean water. Long Key State Park located on Long Key, at mile marker 67,5.

3. Biscayne National Park

If you want quiet and lonely but memorable camping, this is the place. Actually, there are two islands in this place for camping, Elliot Key and Boca Chita Key. Camping is permitted on those two islands. Meanwhile, your beach camping day in this sub-tropical island is something special. You can do fishing and snorkeling while camping.

4. Bahia Honda

Accordingly, Bahia Honda State Park has panoramic sight and a perfect spot to set a tent. While you set your tent or RV, the lush coconut palm will be your companion. Here, your beach camping will be on the white sand and clear tropical water. What a day!

5. Sebastian Inlet State Park

If you are a camper and a surfer, this is the place for you. Sebastian Inlet State Park is the most popular surfing spot in Florida. While you camp, you can set your surfing board and ride the wave. Although the camping area is not precisely at the beach, it’s nearby.

6. Gamble Rogers Memorial State

This place is Flager Beach, right in the recreation area. Campers will experience beach camping with dunes behind their tent. Meanwhile, the rhythm of the seawater and the wind is a perfect combination. Even though bugs are a little bit annoying, the breezy sea will make you befriend them.

7. Fort De Soto County Park

This park has a bunch of awards from various sources. Even TripAdvisor includes it as American’s Top Beach in 2019. Meanwhile, the campsite located on a beach with the calm backwater. Campers will feel like they are in heaven because of breezy water. Moreover, bike and kayak rentals are offered by this place.

Surely, campers want to be happy. That is why, better to make a reservation before camping. Even though in low season, do not gamble by camping without reserve first. Additionally, in a busy season, you need to make reservations months before. After all, beach camping in Florida is awaiting you.