Best Actor Headshots In The World

Best Actor Headshots
Best Actor Headshots

The fashion world is developing not only for women. But also for the Men. So, you should not be surprised if a lot of the best actor headshots. That is no less exist to walk on the catwalk and enliven fashion week.

Many well-known brands are now aware of the potential of the men’s fashion market, making shapely male models more well-known and able to make massive amounts of money! Of the many models, about the sexiest male models of the century?

1. Matthew Terry

This young actor born in New Jersey. He also under the auspices of Ford Models based in New York. Years of being the face for the clothing and jeans. That brand is Calvin Klein. Finally made Matthew Terry in the ranks of best actor headshots in the world.

 Also, Terry not infrequently appeared in various fashion campaigns. From other well-known brands. He also collaborated with top Korean artists/models. Namely Lee Hyori for L’Officiel Hommes.

 2. Satoshi Toda

Satoshi Toda is an example of an Asian model. He also successfully penetrated the world fashion industry. Rather than in Asia. This slender model from Japan is more often seen enlivening various fashion shows and photoshoots in Milan. Not only Milan, but he also in Paris and New York.

 The most famous feature of Satoshi is his smokey eyes. His gaze is very impressive. Besides, lately, he is also quite happy with some appearance pomade style pomade.

 3. Marlon Teixeria

Marlon Teixeria can be said to be the hottest model. in the model world, she is not alone. He has worked extensively with big brands and traveling. At various fashion exhibitions throughout the world.

 Just imagine it. He also is a model with agencies in many countries. Some of them are WM Management (Sao Paulo). Besides that, there are Wilhelmina Models (New York, Los Angeles), MGM (Paris), Sight Management Studio (Barcelona), Elite L’Uomo (Milan), Nest Model Management (Berlin), Scoop Models (Copenhagen), and Next London (London).

 The most striking feature of Marlon is its tapered face. That is equipped with mature facial hair. Her curly and slightly messy hair also adds the impression of ‘hot’ wildness.

 4. Nam Joo Hyuk

Starting a career as best actor headshots. Nam Joo-hyuk who was born in 1994 began to be known globally. After plunging into acting. He played the role of prince Baek Ah-in. It’s a drama that was booming lately titled Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

 He began his career as a model. When he became the face for the “SONGZIO Homme Spring / Summer 2014 collection” in 2013. It’s under the auspices of the agency model YG K-Plus.

Behind her innocent face are some facts. Joo Hyuk also has a well-built body posture and a good body. No wonder he is usually referred to as one of the sexiest male models in South Korea.

 5. Nick Bateman

Originally from Canada. Nick Bateman is an extraordinary model and. He has starred in several films such as Tapped Out (2014) and Ugly Love (2017). He now works with model agencies such as Models Wilhelmina (one of the most popular international agencies) based in New York and Los Angeles.

 With high posture and a perfect six-pack it’s no wonder that Nick is often a model for men’s underwear, you know! Oh yes, did you already know that he is also good at martial arts? 

6. Robert James Evans 

Shaded by one of the largest modeling agencies in the world, London-based Strom Model Management makes Rob Evans unquestionable the quality of exhibiting clothing on stage. Not only does it often color the covers of fashion and entertainment magazines. 

 Even this exotic dark-skinned actor. He also entrusted to be one of the judges in America’s Next Top Model. Along with top model Tyra Banks. He rarely plays style with his hair. However, that is what makes Rob’s distinctive feature different from other models

 Look cool and be the best actor headshots like these models. It may be the dream of many men. But in reality, it’s not impossible to look cool like them. Selection of the right fashion products can help you look like a virgin on the catwalk track, you know!