5 Best App For Personal Trainers To Track Clients Goal Progress

best app for personal trainers to track clients
best app for personal trainers to track clients

Having a personal trainer can boost motivation to reach your goal. Indeed, it is not easy to achieve a dream body. You need to sacrifice many things, like time, feeling, energy, until money. By using an app with your personal trainer, your collaboration will be more perfect. Here we share you 5 best app for personal trainers to track clients progress. This could be an additional tool that helps you to focus on the result.

Using this app doesn’t mean you stop going to the gym. Or, as the personal trainer, this app won’t reduce your role too. Otherwise, the app helps you both in recording and tracking progress. So, you and your personal trainer can discuss the next step or program. All the best app for personal trainers to track clients goal below has features that you can maximize. Finally, you will be amazed by the result once you reach your goal.

1. Coach’s Eye

Just like the name, Coach’s Eye makes your clients feel reminded whenever they do the workout. Coach’s Eye allows you to make a record so the trainer can correct which moves are wrong. The trainer can put a note to remind the client. It is great because the trainer easily monitors in improving focus to the lift.

2. My PT Hub

This app has been used by thousands of personal trainers around the world. The app is an online web application that can customize your program in a unique way. The personal trainer sets the different challenge for every client. The progress can be tracked directly from My PT Hub. If you are confused to do one move, My PT Hub has over 7,000 exercises completed with tutorials.

3. Total Coaching

Total Coaching offers you the complete service for your clients. This app is not just creating an exercise program and tracking it. As a personal trainer, you can manage your client’s nutrition too. Total Coaching has more than 25,000 foods database with real-time analysis. You are able to arrange your client’s meal plan and give it privately. Before you set the plan, there is a questionnaire to help you analyze your client.

4. Trainerize

Trainerize could be the best app for personal trainers to track clients. Not like the mostly training app, Trainerize is integrated with social media, such as Facebook, MyFitnessPal, and the other. The interface is very user-friendly, so your client can easily input their updates like photos, measurement workouts, and many more. Trainerize allows you to be closer to your clients. This app would be more exciting if you have a small group that workout together. Because Trainerize can build you strong engagement among them.

5. PT Distinction

Some people are hard to go to the gym routinely. PT Distinction presents you with a solution for online coaching. This app is available for Android and iOs, so there is no reason not to do exercise. PT Distinction has various features that help you to track your client in detail. Not only their workout progress but also medical reports through the client’s consent forms. Every client can get a report from you through e-mail in charts or description.

Now have you decided which app to install? Those best app for personal trainers to track clients is worth to try, at least when you feel giving up. Everybody has a different way to keep their spirit on. One of the common ways is having someone or something that always reminds you of the final goal.