5 Things About Camel Beach Waterpark You Should Know

Do you like swimming and having a laugh at the same time? Or, perhaps you love so much screaming in a challenging arena? Then, you should visit Camel Beach Waterpark at least once. Maybe you just heard about this waterpark. But actually, it is one of the famous waterparks around the world. Placed in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, you need to have a good preparation before arriving there.

Some people choosing waterpark instead of the common swimming pool because it is more fun. Moreover, you visit waterpark in the summer. It is a great thing to be like a child again. Even though you are an adult now, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it. See the things you should now about Camel Beach Waterpark below. It is important to make your holiday becomes an unforgettable memory.

1. The Largest Waterpark

We have mentioned above that this waterpark is in Pennsylvania. If you ask about this waterpark, then people there will answer it excited. Because Camel Beach Waterpark is the biggest waterpark in Pennsylvania. It offers you 37 various slides, attractions, and rides. You might need morning until it is closed to enjoy all of them. Each ride has its own category, such as kids’ rides, adventure zones, thrill rides, and family rides. Thus, it is a perfect place to go with family or your friends.

2. The Biggest Wave

One of the exciting things to do in the waterpark is the wave zone. You know that every waterpark has this zone. But, you cannot find the same wave zone in the other place as here. There is Kahuna Lagoo Wave with its variety of waves. The “Big Kahuna” is the biggest wave pool in the Northeast United States.

3. The Long River

Another interesting part of the waterpark is the river zone. Here you can enjoy body on the tube. There is a 1,000 long river at the “Blue Nile Adventure River” zone. Relax your body there. Your tube will pass the geysers, waterfall, and bubbling waters. It is so much fun to lay on your body on the water. You might think it is not safe for the children. Then, just bring them to Mummy’s Oasis attraction. There are sprinkles, slides, and interactive features.

4. The Indoor Waterpark

Surprisingly, Camel Beach Waterpark is not like the other waterpark. It has an indoor version too with many facilities. There is a spa for the adults and the kids. When you are relaxing, your children will get the same treatment complete with ice cream. They maintain the temperature at 84°F climate. Luckily, this indoor section is open all year round.

5. The Adventure Zone

Visit this place is not only for swimming. If you want to try another activity, you can try climbing wall, bungee jumping, and many more. Just visit the Camelbeach Adventure Zone which offers you another experience. Also, there is Camelbeach Mountain Adventures where you can enjoy the land-based adventure.

Another information you should know is about the opening time. We have mentioned that the indoor section is open all year round, but it is not for the outdoor. You can only enjoy the outdoor zone of Camel Beach Waterpark only on in May when the Memorial Day. They open until Labor Day weekend in September.