The Best Voice Chatting Apps For Gamers

chatting apps for gamers

Playing a game is not only about winning the game. Now it has been changed into creating a strategy with the team. Thus, communication becomes an important thing to do. Seeing this change, today lots of chatting apps for gamers. To make your coordination is easier, we suggest you to choose the voice chatting app. Make sure your connection is good and stable. Then, you and your circle can chat like face to face.

chatting apps for gamers

You might think that the chatting app is a feature. Actually, it becomes a standard item for the gaming community now. Playing games is not a single player anymore. Say “bye-bye” to that game, because today playing games is equal to socializing. No matter you are at home or at the same place with your group, you still need this chatting app for gamers. Below we have selected the best voice chatting app because it allows you to chat with teammates by speaking:

1. Discord

Discord is one of the popular voice chatting apps for gamers. You can install it on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. If you experienced using Slack or IRC, then it is as comfortable as them. Make your team up to 10 people and create your group here. Discord doesn’t only for voice chat, but also text chat. Feel the convenience playing CS: GO, PUBG, and other games with Discord.

2. Mumble

Run Mumble on your Mac, Linux, or Windows. If you want to have it on the phone, then use it from its third-party name “Plumble” (for Android) and “Mumblefy” (for iOS). Whether you need to talk or type, Mumble offers you the same good quality. The plus point of using Mumble is your data securely saved by its servers. Also, Mumble supports the low latency audio streaming, it means there are lags anymore.

3. TeamSpeak

The interface of TeamSpeak is nearly the same as Mumble. But TeamSpeak has several unique features. Luckily, you can get it for free on your Windows, Linux, Mac, also Android and iOS. Even though you see a simple design here, never underestimate its quality. It gives you high-quality audio. Make your coordination smoother with TeamSpeak because it allows you to control a channel to one user and another.

4. SteamChat

SteamChat is another option for your team coordination. Make a group and build your own coordination here. It is free to use and very easy. SteamChat allows the users to make a link to share. Your member only needs to click that link, then they will join the chat room. If you are the admin, you can invite, kick, and do other management to the room.

5. RaidCall

Just run this on your computer, then you will feel no difference with the game system. Surprisingly, RaidCall is able to support up to 100k users. This number can be in one group. Most gamers using RaidCall, for example, Dota players. RaidCall is more than a voice chatting app because you can transfer files too.

Team communication is important to winning the battle. If you are using Skype, it is better for you to try one of the voice chatting apps for gamers above. Be a great team by clearing your communication.