Choosing the Best Street Fashion Brands for Clothing

Today any kind of clothing can be fashion, including streetwear. In early 1990, not many people were into streetwear. Because it was just too boring and not many options. But nowadays, streetwear has become very popular and luxurious for many people. People will now wear streetwear anytime and anywhere because it just seems fashionable. With this development, the best street fashion brands have been competing to give out their best.

In the old days, street fashion was just a t-shirt, baggy pants, and sneakers. They aren’t much different now; however, it has become more stylish. Some of the best street fashion brands have escalated the style to a higher level. So, who are these brands and what type of clothing do they produce? Here they are:

1. Stussy

One of the first streetwear brand, there is in the world is Stussy. In 1980, Stussy developed their first t-shirt business that was mostly used by boys. Their shirt became a huge success in the market, making it one the first real streetwear label. After their success, many brands started to join in with the same concept. Until today Stussy is still producing streetwear brands. However, their design remains with its California roots, which may not be the model today. But still, they have been the market for almost 40 years now.

2. CDG Play

The famous and one of the best street fashion brands are CDG Play. CDG which stands for Comme des Garcons is a clothing brand that produces very simple clothing. Despite the simple design, the brand has been used in many runways shows. Therefore, many people are so into this brand. Their main logo it the iconic bug-eyed heart which is cute and simple. Some of their products are t-shirt, hoodies, long sleeves and sneakers.

3. Nike

Nike is one of the famous brands for streetwear these days. Sneakers are one the main sign of streetwear and Nike has been producing them since the beginning. From there, they developed some of the most bestselling clothing and sneakers for streetwear. Some of their iconic sneakers are Air Max 1 and countless Air Jordan.

4. Supreme

Supreme has been releasing new items almost every season. However, most of their new collections are limited and not available in all places. Despite this condition, many people are willing to queue in front of the store to get their collections. Their designs have always been updating and they Collab with some of the top brands such as Rolex and LV.


BAPE is a Japanese brand that stands for A bathing ape, which became a big hit in Japan. Compared to other brands, BAPE is known for its colorful but simple designs. They may not be the most favorite design, but BAPE has succeeded in the young generation’s market.
Now, these are the top best street fashion brands there is until this year. Most brands have a t-shirt, sneakers and even hoodie. The price of each brand is also different, and some are not available in all countries. So, if you are interested to check out their official website.