List Of Countries With Lowest GNP You Might Want To Know

Countries With Lowest GNP

The prosperity of a country can be measured by the value of GNP (Gross national product). Whether the annual or monthly GNP value. The higher the GNP is, the more prospective the country usually is. However, most of the countries with lowest GNP are small countries that have poor-economic and infrastructure.

Countries With Lowest GNP

Some of the countries with low GNP are quite small, that maybe some people don’t even know it’s a country. Despite the low GNP, these countries have potential sources that can help develop their GNP. Below are some of the countries with lowest GNP:

1. South Sudan

In 2017-2018 South Sudan had the lowest GNPs in the world. The value of the GNP was only USD 37.949 in December 2018, which quite far from other countries. Even though the GNP increased a bit in 2014, the economy of South Sudan is still one of the lowest. There aren’t many things going on in South Sudan until today. There isn’t many infrastructures and the number of mortality for mothers is high. Most of the woman in the country is not able to read too, therefore it is quite hard for the country to develop.

2. Malawi

For those who don’t know, Malawi is a country in the south of America. Most of the population in this country lives in villages with many limited accesses. Thus, the average income is less than $1/ day. The country overall is limit by many things, which makes things harder for both the country and the population. Therefore, Malawi is one of the countries with lowest GNP. Most of their GNP is from agriculture. Therefore, the government is focusing on increasing GNP through agriculture more. The value of GNP for Malawi in Dec 2018 was USD 7.046, which increased compared to the year before.

3. Congo

Congo is a small country in Africa which has one of the lowest GNP. Despite the other countries, the Republic of Congo is rich with its natural resources. However, it is not used as it must. The country has a lack of infrastructure, and there is a lot of corruption. These two disasters make it hard for the country to develop. The GDP of Congo in 2017 was around USD 9.484 and is trying to increase each year. Hopefully, it will increase this year.

4. Somalia

On the edge of Africa, or in the horn of the island there is a country Somalia. The GNP in this country was USD 600. Most of the GNP came from agriculture, which is one of the main jobs in Somalia. Because it is also rich in natural sources, forestry and fishing have also become an important sector for the country. However, most of the population aren’t well educated and learned. Therefore, it is quite hard to develop the country.

Overall, most of the countries with lowest GNP are countries with limited access and education in their manpower. The national gross can develop, but it really depends on the population of the country. Therefore, an important key to develop a countries GNP is by developing the population of the country first.