Five Learning Tips For ADHD Kids

Having ADHD is not the children’s fault. Even if ADHD kids tend to be naughtier and restless than normal kids, it doesn’t mean they do it intentionally. Hence, as a parent/teacher with ADHD kids, we must make a learning strategy special for our ADHD kids. And below this you can get some learning tips for ADHD kids you can apply at home/school.

1. Make A Consistent and Focused Study Schedule

As we know, ADHD kids could hardly focus on one thing at the same time. That’s why they wouldn’t bear it if they’re involved in a regular class.

Nevertheless, you need to make your ADHD kids get some knowledge likewise their peers. Hence – as a parent/teacher – you need to be stricter about their study plan. In order to keep them on track, you need to make a focused yet consistent study schedule.

When it comes to playing time, let them play as they like. However, be assertive when the time comes for them to study.

2. Don’t Learn Two Topics At The Same Time

In a regular class, it’s usual to see the students learn some sub-themes at the same time. However, ADHD kids wouldn’t be able to handle it. Otherwise, it’s better for them to learn just a single topic in each class they join in.

For example, there’s a regular class learning about animals and their food type. Then an ADHD class will be best to learn a carnivore like a lion and the way it eats. You need to do these learning tips for ADHD kids if you want them to absorb the lessons better.

3. Find A Quiet Outdoor Environment

If you’re teaching ADHD kids, you need to ensure they’re comfortable with the learning circumstance. Don’t force them to learn in a boring class, because they will get away as fast as they could. It’s best if you can provide an outdoor/natural environment for them to learn.

Besides the outdoor condition, ensure the environment has a quiet atmosphere. So don’t use places like the park, school ground, or likewise. Instead, use places like forests, backyards, or some less crowded places.

4. Don’t Set Too Long Time Study

One of the most important learning tips for ADHD kids is not to set a long-time study. Yes, due to their poor attention, they will get bored easily. It will result in them do things unnecessarily in class and makes their study ineffective.

If you want to keep your ADHD kids learn effectively, make sure you don’t ask them to learn too much. Give them just a single topic to discuss, not to read the whole book at once.

5. Learn by Practice is Better

The last thing you need to do is to make a learning method for ADHD kids more interesting. To ensure your ADHD kids stay interested in a topic, you need to make it more challenging. And learn by practice is the best solution for them.

When you’re teaching kids with ADHD, you can give them more outdoor classes with sports. Entice them to make handicraft from clay, instead of asking them to finish some multiple-choice questions.

That’s all the learning tips for ADHD kids we could inform you here. But on top of all the mentioned tips, your patience and caring are far more necessary. So keep honing your teaching method and social skill to engage with ADHD kids.