5 Tips About How to Promote Business On Instagram You Should Know

Day by day Instagram becomes famous among social media users. For the first time, it was used to share moments in a photo. Then, it was developed into Instagram Stories, Instagram TV, until now it has the account for business. With this transformation, we can see that Instagram could be one of the media for marketing. In this article, you will find 5 tips about how to promote business on Instagram in a simple way but effective.

Promote your business on Instagram is a bit different. Moreover, Instagram has various features for promotion. For your information, many marketers consider Instagram as the main social media for the brand. That what makes Instagram transform very quickly. Before you are late and lost the market, see how to promote business on Instagram below:

1. Participate and Be Active

If you already had an account, it doesn’t mean you are done. Be active, for example, follow several brands that relate to your product or service. It makes the followers on that account sees your business too. Try to mention people who comment on your post. But remember, don’t make spam because it will disturb your followers. Then, mention someone on your posting is also okay. Keep in mind that your Instagram account is where you can touch your customers.

2. Ask for Testimonial

When someone bought or used your product or service, ask them to make a testimonial. Let them post in on their account and mention your business account. It makes their followers see you too. It can create curiosity about your business. Then, finally, they will follow you. A testimonial doesn’t only make your promotion less cost. Indirectly, it shows that your business is potentially viral.

3. Stick with One Theme

Every business must have an identity. This makes you remarkable inside people’s minds. Thus, stick with one theme and make it your identity. Adjust with your target customer, for example, the youth, the party lovers, or maybe the moms. The more specific your target, the strengthen you keep the theme. Because when the brand identity strongly relates to the customer, they will be very loyal to you and talk your business to their circle.

4. Use Hashtag

Some people use Instagram search feature like Google. They type what they want to look for. The result will show them based on the hashtag on every posting. You can see this as an opportunity for promoting your business. Using a matching hashtag is a simple way of how to promote business on Instagram. Remember, there is also an important rule for this. Use a proper hashtag for your posting. Don’t add many hashtags that are not related to your business or posting.

5. Use Instagram Ads

If you have ever heard about Facebook Ads, then it is the same tool but on Instagram. Using Instagram Ads makes your promotion more targeted and effective. But it is paid tools, so you have to spare a budget for it. You only pay the clicked ad. If the viewer doesn’t click your ad, then you are not charged.

Those are about how to promote business on Instagram you might try. Explore more about it and all Instagram features. Instagram keeps developing its program so keep updated and don’t be an ordinary user.