Secrets Of How To Promote On YouTube Without Spending Cost

how to promote on YouTube
how to promote on YouTube

Cost is always an issue for marketing people. It happens when the management wants a boosting publication but only has a limited budget. One of the effective channels is YouTube. This channel is more attractive with various contents, and luckily you can use it freely. Find some secrets below about how to promote on YouTube without any cost.

Is it possible making a promotion with zero budget? Of course, you can! Everything is possible with digital media. As long as you really understand your goal, pick the right channel and target audience, then you don’t need to make a budget proposal. Since YouTube is a perfect channel, you must know how to promote on YouTube. Follow our tips here to surprise your team:

1. Make Video Title with SEO Friendly Words

There is a search box at the top of the YouTube homepage. This box works like Google as its search engine. Whatever you type inside the box, YouTube will show you the video with a related title. So, make the video based on SEO friendly. Use the common words for your video promotion title which people usually search. Not all awesome title leads you to the easy finding. The more familiar words you use, the easier YouTube calls your video to be displayed.

2. Enter the Keywords Inside the Description

This method is still related to the previous number. At number one, you use SEO keywords for the title. Keep the title simple and punchy. Strengthen this by a great description. Use some related keyword which explains your video. If you won’t look that cheesy, avoid using clickbait words. But it is okay to include them at least one or two. Because clickbait words create an emotional reaction. But don’t forget to combine it with valuable information.

3. Create Attractive Thumbnail

People’s minds are created to be amazed at a first impression. Someone’s attention is easily attracted by visuals. Once you create an attractive visual, your promotion will be noticed. Indeed, YouTube will produce automatic thumbnail. But, you can make a custom thumbnail for every video. Make an interesting, bright, and simple cover, so people are interested in tapping the play button.

4. Quality Video is A Must

The main purpose of people entering YouTube is watching a video. Thus, the video is an essential thing to be concerned about. You must make a quality video, starts with its lighting, sound, and everything. Don’t forget about the content too. A good visualization would be nothing without great content. Also, good content would not make people comfortable to watch without clear visualization. So, both of them should be in line with your YouTube promotion.

5. Make an Interaction with Audience

How says that YouTube cannot create an interaction? See the whole parts of YouTube. There is a comment box, likes button, share button, etc. Those features can be maximized to make an interaction. Ask your audience to like and share the video. This way can make your promotion becomes viral. Also, to improve your promotion activity, you might ask the audience to comment too. You will get some insights and engage them for the next campaign.

Here you go with those secrets of how to promote on YouTube without cost. Actually, the tips above are very basic. If you do each step perfectly and every detail, you will be amazed by how effective they are. Just deal with the limited or zero budget, but don’t limit your creativity to boost the promotion.