5 Main Job Description for Marketing Specialist in the Digital Era

job description for marketing specialist

As you see that people develop technology every day. Thus, marketing is now something bigger than selling products or services. Within this digital era, the job in marketing becomes various. In this article, we will discuss the job description for marketing specialist in the digital era. What makes this position is different than the previous is seeing by the media. The digital marketer doesn’t use conventional media like before. That is why they need to upgrade themselves for certain skills in technology.

Entering the digital era requires every company to be more creative. They must provide content that is meaningful and easy access for the customers. Communication is transformed into digital. So, there is no reason if the marketer avoids using social media, website, and other digital media. Seeing that many things are different from traditional marketers, these are the job description for marketing specialist you need to know:

1. Creating a Digital Campaign

Of course as the marketing specialist, you must design the campaign. But remember, the campaign must be set in all digital channels. Thus, you need to know what kind of digital media. Also, there is an integrated campaign which is a must in a digital campaign strategy. It what makes the digital campaign is different from the traditional one. The task is included by making the schedule, the budget, and others.

2. Presenting Creative Ideas

The idea is like a breath for marketing. It is needed to make the campaign looks different from the previous strategy. A brilliant idea is not always a unique one. But you have to make the effective one. Also, your boss will love you if the program results in sales. Presenting here means you deliver your idea. The clearer you present, the wider your opportunity to be accepted.

3. Having Knowledge in Content

Some companies separate campaign strategic, media placement, and content creator. But others put those roles in one person. Whatever your company’s rule, as a digital marketer you need to have an ability in content. It could be content creation, media placement, until curate the image which persuasive.

4. SEO and Social Media Savvy

It relates to the previous number. SEO is a thing today. It is not enough making impressive content only. But also how to understand how the robotic works. One of the skills is to understand about SEO. You can explore it more. Also, social media skill is necessary too. Improve yourself, so you can utilize social marketing very effective for marketing.

5. Measure the Digital Tools

The campaign is not only about creating and implementing. Furthermore, you must measure its result. Is it effective or not? Once the results are not like your plan, you must do an evaluation. Measure the tools by its effectiveness, the cost, and other considerations. You might need to discuss it to get a wider perspective.

As you are promoted to be a marketing manager you have those five basic skills. Learn more about the job description for marketing specialist in your company. Not all companies have the same perspective about marketing. Moreover, you are in the digital department team now.