5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Hawaii That You Want To Spend All Day

Most Beautiful Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii is a heaven for beach lovers. It is like a dream to have sunbathing, surfing, or sitting at the bar out there. Even though you don’t really like water sport, you will still fall in love with this island. Seeing its beautiful scenery and feeling the “aloha” spirit can make your holiday more exciting. Thus, we’d love to share the five most beautiful beaches in Hawaii through this article. Those are a perfect place to escape from your daily routine.

Actually, there are many things that you can do while in Hawaii. You can visit waterfalls sites, volcanoes, or try paddleboarding. But, visiting Hawaii would not be perfect without spending time on its beaches. Now, pack your T-shirt, shorts, swimsuit or bikini, and the flip-flop. Let’s imagine for some fun on these beautiful beaches in Hawaii:

1. Honaunau Beach

People also know Honaunau beach as Honaunau Bay. It is near to the City of Refuge National Park. If you are a snorkel, you must visit this beach. The snorkeling spot is popular with the “Two Steps” spot. It is because the natural rock steps are. Don’t worry about accessing Honaunau Beach because the access is very easy and allows you to park the car. Be sure to be there early before the parking lot is full.

2. Kauapea Beach

Kauapea beach has a nickname “Secret Beach”. This name has a special reason because you can find this site after hard hiking. It is placed in the middle of black lava rock cliffs. Within its white sand, you will love to enjoy the sunset. There is an iconic Kilauea lighthouse that can be seen from distance. Your sunset moment will be more perfect.

3. Punalu’u Beach

Feel a different experience by visiting Punalu’u beach. You don’t just get sunbathing or surfing experience here. This island is also famous with its green sea turtles, called “honu”. If it is your lucky day, you will see those cute turtles when they are basking in the sun while munching the algae. One thing you should remember, don’t expect the clear white sand here because it is cool with its black sand.

4. Makapu’u Beach

This spot is a famous spot for local hangouts. There are two islands, Manana and Kāohikaipu. They are known as bird sanctuaries. Not far from Makapu’u beach, there is a pool named Baby Makapu’u where the kids can play around. If you see the scenery around the beach, then you will find the amazing of paragliders soaring in the sky.

5. Hapuna Beach

Hapuna beach is always the beautiful beaches in Hawaii in every travel magazine. If you are dreaming to visit the beach just like in the postcard, then this is the perfect place. The crystal-clear water, perfect waves to surf, and refreshing cocktail are just pieces about Hapuna beach. Feel the real perfect experience by visiting this beach once in your lifetime.

We all know that Hawaii is always be in a travel magazine. They capture the beauty of the scenery, culture, culinary, and many others. So, find out more beautiful beaches in Hawaii and add them to your bucket list. The more references you get, the more exciting your preparation will be.