Reasons to Stop Using Adobe Reader 2015

Adobe Reader was a software that people use to read documents formed Portable Documents Format or usually know as PDF. Adobe Reader was first released in 1993 for its first version. Almost every year, Adobe Reader releases its new version with additions to simplify the user and to fix bugs. Now, not only users can read files, but users can even create PDF documents online using this software. It is capable of both Windows and Mac users. However, as technology keeps evolving, there are reasons to stop using Adobe Reader 2015.

The official Adobe team has announced that this software would no longer be supported by them starting April 2020. It has been cleared by the team, that Adobe only provides five years for the product support system. Besides on the expired date on the support, there are other reasons to stop using Adobe Reader 2015. 

1. No More Supports. 

The official Adobe team would no longer support Adobe Reader 2015. This means that there would be no more technical supports and security updates. This applies to all series from Adobe Reader 2015. Because of this, users would not be able to fix bugs and other issues on their software. 

2. Big Memory Use

One of the reasons to stop using Adobe Reader 2015 are this version very heavy and slow which causes security flaws. Especially for average users that use an average spec on their device. Even though the version has improved than the past one, it might spent time on using it. The more images and text the PDF contain, the bigger the memory it is. 

3. Security Lack 

The cause of the Adobe team on stopping their system would affect the security system for the users. Since they would no longer have security updates, it would likely to crash and cause bugs. This moment would be a chance for hackers to hijack and take over the infected system. The worst case, those cyberattacks would retrieve the user’s important data belongings. It could document or data on the computer or laptop. It could be even data online such as emails and bank accounts. Quite horrific

4. Not practical

The first emergence of Adobe Reader was presented worth 50 dollars. Until now, users still need to pay to access and have this application. However, it could still be free downloaded from the internet but average it is plowed ones. The perfect reasons to stop using Adobe Readers 2015 are obvious. The millennial does not like complicated things. 

5. Other Easy Reading Software

This is to the era where users do not have to download or buy specific software for reading documents. Users now can use their browsing software to access PDF with no difficulty. Not only browsers like Firefox and Chrome, but Windows 8 and Mac also is now capable of opening a PDF document.

These reasons to stop using Adobe Reader 2015 would lighten up the user’s device’s memory. However, if users are still willing to use an adobe, users could buy Acrobat DC. But if you are in technology, many options can change Adobe Reader 2015. Therefore, for those who love reading do not need to worry.